Life on The Ranch when you are expecting over 5 feet of snow

by | Apr 11, 2024 | General

Snowy view of the Ranch

Kaylyn and I were born in Iowa.  We both know a thing or two about snow.  Like all kids, we used to pray for the blizzards and the snow days away from school that followed.  It was like a free vacation.  Free meaning, you will pay for it at the end of the year when you must make up all the blizzard days you prayed for before you can enjoy the bliss that only summer days bring to kids.  

As adults, snow days seemingly disappear with the responsibility of making your way to work on gross, slippery snow-filled roads.  But you get to be an adult and speak about the joys of the weather folks being wrong in their forecast.  Welllll… the weather folks hit the nail on the head that past March.  For one week, the weather folks were saying a big one is coming.  Like all good dutiful mountain folks, we went to the grocery store and helped buy all the milk and eggs we could carry.  

The day arrives and you find yourself waiting to see the first snowflake, then nothing really happened for the rest of Wednesday afternoon.  The entire day had that “quiet before the storm” feel!  The air feels different, the clouds look heavy.  You can almost feel all the moisture in the air getting ready to unleash its snowy wrath.  Around dusk, the clouds could not contain themselves anymore and all that moisture and cold temps started to make the snow globe life possible.  

Kaylyn and I fought the good fight until around 4 a.m. when we threw up the white flag of surrender.  When you have roughly 6 feet of snow fall on you in a 36-hour window, it shuts you down to say the least! 

Utility vehicle plowing snow

Everyone wants to know, what do you do with that much snow.  Well, the first thing you realize is very few people have the equipment to move or push that much snow.  So, you hunker down, get the wood burning stove going, stack up as much firewood as you can by the door and start drinking milk and eating eggs!!!  Kaylyn made bread. I shoveled, kept clear what I could, and just kind of chilled and did what work I could from a computer. 

Deep snow on the deck

Then on day two, you start to realize that good ol’ fashioned shoveling will be your path out.  We were snowed in at the Ranch for one week.  If I am going to be snowed in, let it always be at the Ranch!!! All in all, folks, 6 feet of snow is magical, frustrating, and beautiful all at the same time.  The mountains are here to teach us patience and perseverance. I think we passed our first class of spring snow at the Ranch!! Hope it happens again!!