Meet the Caretakers: Steve (Krug) and Kaylyn Kruger

by | Jan 19, 2024 | General

My wife, Kaylyn, and I joined Restoration Ranch Colorado on September 11, 2023. We manage the property owned by Kathryn Severns Avery where first responders and their families come to visit as her guests. We have a passion for the First Responder Community and find ourselves very excited to meet everyone that comes to visit.

One of the first questions we are asked by guests of RRC, “how the heck did you get so lucky to call this place home?” That is a question we ask ourselves often as well!! Here is the long and short of how you find yourselves being the caretaker of such an amazing place!

Both Kaylyn and I worked in the corporate hotel world for around 18 years each. In that time, you work your way up, become a department head of a hotel and if you are crazy enough to want to work lots of hours, they will promote you to General Manager of a hotel. Which is what we both did.

We have both held many titles and had all the headaches that go with those titles. Suddenly in 2005, we started to hatch the, “what are we gonna do when the boys graduate high school?” plan. In our case, we started to pursue a large resort property that would hire us both in the Estes Park CO. area.

In 2007, we were offered management positions for a beautiful resort in Estes Park, CO. In the fall of 2008, we packed up our lives and headed West! We had the great fortune of calling Estes Park, CO our home until September 1, 2023. Fifteen years of living in Estes Park was as dreamy as you can imagine. Waking up to elk in your yard is a weekly thing. Amazing mountain views. Rocky Mountain National Park is your backyard.

We both thought Estes would be our forever home. However, life had more in store for us than we could have imagined. After a chance introduction to Kathryn Severns Avery, founder and executive director of Restoration Ranch Colorado, a 501(c)(3) we very quickly jumped on board with the mission that Kathryn created.

Kaylyn and I went home after our first meeting with a bit of a problem…we met Kathryn because we wanted to figure out a way to market the resort we managed with the First Responder community. We had every intention of buying the resort we managed for the last 15 years. Suddenly, we both found ourselves excited and inspired, not by how we could use the resort we were going to purchase, but by what Kathryn has envisioned with Restoration Ranch Colorado and Valor Vacations®.

Both Kaylyn and I knew that night, we wanted to be part of Restoration Ranch Colorado and Valor Vacations®. We were so excited to a part of something that is unique and based in good. We abandoned our plans to purchase the resort in Estes Park. Since that time, we have been pouring our hearts and souls into Restoration Ranch Colorado. We have been the onsite caretakers of Kathryn’s property since 9/11/2023.