More About Kaylyn and Krug and What’s Next

by | Jan 25, 2024 | General

Krug and Kaylyn Kruger

We have “many plans” for Kathryn’s home – the Ranch, as we like to call it. With 40 acres to play with, we have been busy working on creating and clearing trails for hiking. We are also creating areas to just sit and enjoy being in nature. We are creating The Memory Forrest where guests can leave memories and mementos behind and reflect. We really feel like the work on the grounds will be endless.

We want the property to feel like a 40-acre park that First Responders and their families can enjoy over and over. The woods and the mountains are sanctuaries that can provide us so much. When you check in, we want you to be wowed like never before.

Both Kaylyn and I give you the space you need while out here. We want you to feel like it is your place while you are here. If you need help or suggestions, we are always available.

When we are not on the Ranch, we’re just like everyone else. We love exploring the state. We love pulling our 1992 pop up camper (restored and remodeled by Kaylyn) anywhere and setting up camp. The more remote the better. We also have a passion for live music and love spending time at Red Rocks and anything at Planet Bluegrass!!

On the family side of things, we are the proud parents (Stepparent for Krug) of Bryson and Lance. Bryson is married to Annie and lives in Iowa and is a Sargeant in a bigger city in Iowa. Bryson and his wife were the first to introduce us to the grandparent title and we adore Mya and Ava. Lance is the youngest and lives in Colorado. Prior to living in Colorado, Lance was an Army Ranger Sargeant, serving with the 75th Ranger Regiment 1st Battalion. Lance and his wife Liz are busy raising our grandson James and Benjamin will arrive here in April. We love our large family and love being aunt and uncle and a host of other family titles.

Both Kaylyn and I feel like we have been working toward being the property’s caretakers our whole lives, especially working with First Responders. Krug was pretty much born into policing. In his hometown of Cedar Falls, Krug’s Dad was the Captain of the Police Department. In those days, Cedar Falls was very close to living in Mayberry and my Dad was as close to Andy Griffith as you’ll ever find. It was a great way to grow up. If I walked up the street, I would be at my Aunt and Uncle’s house. My uncle was a captain of the Fire Department. I guess being surrounded by all those First Responders rubbed off on me!! I went to the University of Northern Iowa, where I studied Criminology. Kaylyn married into First Responders when she married the boys’ Dad, Ray. Ray is the retired Police Chief of Williamsburg, IA.

We are very excited to be a part of Restoration Ranch Colorado and look forward to helping all Kathryn’s guests feel at home!!