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Valor Vacations®, one of the programs offered by Restoration Ranch Colorado, was started in 2021 by Kathryn Severns Avery. Her husband, Christopher, was killed in 2020 by three robbery suspects fleeing from Lakewood (Colorado) Police. Knowing she would be unable to use her vacation rental while pursuing justice for her husband, she offered time at the property to the Lakewood PD.

Because of the ongoing judicial proceedings, the Lakewood PD decided to pass the offer on to West Metro Fire. A West Metro firefighter family spent a week at her home. The program has expanded and now vacation rental owners across the country make a tax-deductible, in-kind donation of a stay at their property to Valor Vacations®. Properties are offered to all stakeholders and their families at a substantial discount. Reservations are booked through the Valor Vacations® website. For information on specific property availability, email

Those experiencing financial hardship may apply for a scholarship by sending an email to or calling (303) 216-2989.